Open Referral UK Data Standard

Setting the open standard for community data

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We expose here some open source tools that let you see who’s using the standard, see how it might be used and check compliance with it.

The Connector connects your chosen API endpoint to tools which consume data from the endpoint. Most endpoints and tools are provided by private organisation whom you can commission to customise tools for you. If your organisation has a standard compliant API or consumes data from one, let us know so we can take and look and try to add it. Source code for the Connector is here.

The API Query Tool lets you connect to your chosen API endpoint to query taxonomy and service data. It exposes each API call it makes so you can copy the syntax. You can examine results in diagrammatic and JSON format to better understand the data structure. Source code for the API QUery Tool is here.

The Service Finder is an open source tool (see source) that illustrates the different means by which a front line worker might search for services suitable for someone. The Service Finder employs no server side code and has no database of its own. It makes live calls to a standard API endpoint.